Care & Maintenance Lacquered Floor

In order to ensure lasting satisfaction from your new lacquered floor, it is important to correctly care for the floor starting immediately after installation. With the right care, the lacquered floor will become increasingly easy to clean and more hard wearing over time. This is because the recommended soap used to clean the floor actually coats it with an invisible film, providing additional protection and thus making the floor more resistant to dirt.

After-Installation Care

All lacquered floors are recommended to be cleaned with WOCA Lacquer Soap right after installation and before the floor is used. As a result of this the surface will then be more hardwearing and be easier to clean and maintain in the future.

Normal Basic Cleaning

Normal cleaning to remove surface debris is accomplished using a broom or vacuum cleaner. To remove normal stains and non-loose dirt, the floor should be cleaned with water and a hard-wrung, wet cloth. In order to achieve the best cleaning possible use WOCA Wood Cleaner, which is mixed with water at a ratio of 40:1.

This has two functions: it cleans the floor and at the same time forms an invisible, protective film on the surface of the floor making it even more resistant to damage from dirt. It is very important to use two buckets when cleaning the floor- one with the WOCA Wood Cleaner mixed solution and one with clean water for rinsing the dirty cloth or mop.

Immerse the cloth or soft mop in the Soap solution, and then wring out the excess fluid before wiping the floor. Rinse the cloth or mop in the clear water, wring out the excess water, then immerse in the Soap solution again. Repeat this pattern until the floor is clean. Do not pour the Cleaner solution directly on the floor but instead, always use a cloth or mop to apply the solution.

Cleaning Extremely Dirty Floors

If the floor has been neglected and/or becomes very dirty, it should be cleaned using WOCA Lacquer Soap, mixed with water in a 40:1 ratio, following the guidelines above. Once this is dry you will then need to apply the WOCA Lacquer Care which strenghtens the lacquer, as it protects against wear and scratches and herby prolongs the lifetime of the lacquered surface. The Lacquer Care does not buid up a thick layer on the surface as the old layer is renewed with the next application.

Spot Remover

Difficult spots can be removed with WOCA Spot Remover. The Spot Remover is sprayed on the spot and left in place until the stain is dissolved, repeat treatment if necessary. The floor is then cleaned and with WOCA Lacquer Soap.

We recommend that you purchase a WOCA Lacquer Maintenance Kit with your floor.